Is Your Car Ready For Summer?

You’ve got your tunes, you’ve packed snacks and you’ve programmed the GPS. You might be road-trip ready, but after battling the winter weather, is your vehicle?
During the warmer months, Canadians tend to spend more time in their cars. According to Statistics Canada, Canadian vehicles drive (on average) 86.7 billion kilometres between July and September, the busiest quarter of the year. As a result, getting your car ready for these summer conditions is crucial for accident prevention and optimal fuel economy.
Most of us take steps to prepare our cars for winter, but getting your vehicles into shape for summer driving is just as critical. Before embarking on a road-trip, drivers should take a few moments to ensure their car is ready to roam the summer streets.
• Check your tires: Use all season tires and maintain your tire pressure, as both will improve your vehicle’s fuel economy in warmer weather.
• Get rain ready: Replace your windshield wipers, which may be cracked or torn from ice, snow, salt and extreme temperatures.
• Check air conditioning: There’s nothing worse than losing your air conditioning on a hot sunny day. You could have an air conditioning issue if it can’t produce or preserve temperatures that are 10 degrees Celsius below the outside air.
• Cool your car: Sitting in traffic on a hot day is tough on your car’s cooling system. Ask your mechanic to check your coolant levels at the start of the season.
• Fight salt damage:Replacing your salt-clogged air filter gets you more kilometres per litre.
With these tips in mind, you will be ready for your next summer road adventure. More information is available from your insurance broker.