Why Brokers Ask For Updates

Does it seem like you broker is always asking you question? One of a broker’s duties is to keep your insurance file updated. Insurance companies need the most up-to-date information about you to give you the correct rating and correct coverage on your insurance policy.

Sometimes, change happens and people forget to tell their insurance broker. Do you always remember to call your broker when you do renovations to your home? Updates to your electrical service, wiring, plumbing, heating or roof could provide opportunity to qualify for a discount or an upgrade in coverage. Renovations may also increase the value of your home.

Some of life’s biggest moments should trigger a call to your insurance broker. A change in your job will likely change the distance your drive to work. When your child heads off to post-secondary school, will your existing property policy cover them or do they require extra coverage for their new laptop, or personal items? Of course there are engagement rings, new cars, new drivers, boats and new businesses that are run from home. There’s never a dull moment, people are always changing. The best time to deal with change is when the change actually happens.

Brokers like to check in with customers whenever they get a chance. When you call or drop in to your broker’s office, make time to have a quick chat with your broker to review your insurance coverage.

A good time for you to think about updates to your insurance coverage is when you receive your policy renewal. Instead of filing your insurance documents away, review the details of your policy to see if they are correct and think about what has happened since the policy renewed last time. Give your insurance broker a call if you need help reading your policy.

Keeping your insurance policies up-to-date will make sure that the right protection is available when you need it most.