Winter Travelling Insurance Tips From Your Insurance House

Wintery weather is upon us and many of you have planned vacations to sunny destinations. Many Canadians seek warmer climates in our colder months to escape Old Man Winter’s touch for a little while.

Or perhaps the first snowfall makes you yearn for a vacation in a colder climate. Skiing, snow shoeing, ice fishing and snowmobiling trips are the winter vacations of choice for some as well.

Before you venture out on vacation, be sure to contact your insurance provider to ensure your home and belongings are protected, and continue to stay that way while you are away. Each insurance company has different requirements to ensure your coverage remains in effect when you are away from home for an extended period of time, especially during the heating season.

It is always best to have a competent person checking on your home daily to make sure your heat is on, and there has been no freezing of any pipes or appliances.

Outside of what your home insurance provider requires, we have a few pointers to help keep your home safe and sound:

  1. Arrange to have someone you trust collect any flyers, mail or papers that can land at your front door while you are away.
  2. Be sure to hire someone (or enlist a friend) to keep the snow removal up to date while you are away. Nothing screams “away for the winter” than a snowed-in home. If you have sidewalks on your property, you will need to ensure they are kept clean as well.
  3. Make your home appear lived in. Install timers on indoor and outdoor lights to come on at different times through out the day.
  4. If you have a monitored security system, be sure to advise them of your travel plans, as well as contact information while you are away.
  5. Unplug all unnecessary electronics and appliances.
  6. Do not post your travel plans on social media. You don’t need the world to know your house is empty for a period of time and its easy for would-be thieves to know you aren’t around.
  7. Store any valuables you aren’t taking with you in a safety deposit box.
  8. Make photocopies of all of your documents you will need in your travel and leave a copy with a friend or relative, as well as packing another copy separate from where you carry the originals.
  9. Make copies of your itinerary, addresses and phone numbers where you can be reached while you are away and provide it to reliable friends and family members. You never know when someone might need to get in touch with you.

Whether your travel plans are to find sunnier skies, an uninterrupted golf season, extended beach time, or a day on the slopes in the brisk winter air, we know your relaxation and peace of mind will be at its peak if you take the time to ensure your property and belongings at home are well looked after.

Happy travelling!